The Environmental Control Committee (ECC) is established under Paragraph 10 of the Declaration of C&Rs. The primary purposes of the Committee are to review and approve or disapprove plans and proposals to construct or alter improvements on lots within Bear Valley Springs, to adopt and amend Environmental Control Committee Rules (“ECC Rules”) which are intended to interpret and supplement, but not contradict or supersede, the C&Rs, to assist the Association in the enforcement of its Governing Documents, and to perform other duties that may be delegated to the ECC from time to time by the Association. Where appropriate, the ECC Rules include some references to parallel provisions of the C&Rs from which the particular Rules was derived or to which the particular Rules relate. The ECC currently meets on every Wednesday at 9:00 am.


The ECC consists of volunteer BVSA members in good standing appointed by the BVSA Board of Directors, and is comprised of three committee members and two to three “associates” and/or “trainees.” The ECC is authorized to review and approve or disapprove all proposed work and applications for grading, excavation, building and/or remodeling ,painting, etc., of all houses and outbuildings and other improvements(including fencing) in our community. The ECC does not issue building permits nor do the ECC’s application and approval requirements replace or supersede Kern County building permit requirements.  As discussed below, the ECC concentrates on preservation, protection and enhancement of the quality of life in Bear Valley Springs by endeavoring to ensure that all applications are compatible with the C&Rs and the other BVSA Governing Documents.

If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact the ECC Secretary, Vicky Laier at with your letter of interest. Please provide a short explanation as to the reason you would like to be on the committee.