Lake Quality Dashboard

Lake measurements are taken every 2 weeks during April through September. These results will be consistently posted on this site at BVSA provides these data for your convenience, but please determine your own personal risks/conditions and the fact that this is an unsupervised area and natural water body. During the summer, this information can fluctuate rapidly based on water temperature and usage.

6/16/2022 - The cyanobacteria "Caution" tier is the lowest of the three that the state issues. There were no detectable toxins present in the water but cyanobacteria was identified on a microscope analysis which triggered the caution level. The next cyanobacteria sample will be sent into the lab next week. The BVSA has also contracted with a company to begin treating the water at both Cub & 4 Island every 2 weeks during the summer months to keep the lakes as healthy as possible.

Fishing in Bear Valley – Catfish & Crappie

Four years ago fishing in Bear Valley changed abruptly. Conditions in our lake had been deteriorating over time and the nutrient imbalance along with weather conditions resulted in the biggest fish kill we had seen in Bear Valley Springs to date.

The only fish left were the new Bullhead Catfish fry. The abundance of catfish filling our lake with no predators switched our fishing focus to catfish harvesting. This sequence of events led to the creation of our 3 annual “Virtual Catfish Derbies”. The first one this year was held over Memorial Day weekend, followed by the upcoming 4th of July weekend catfish derby. The third and final catfish derby will be held over Labor Day weekend. If you haven’t participated in any of our previous derbies, we encourage you to join in this fun way to help our lakes thrive.

The Lake Quality Committee has been actively working at steps to improve the health of our lakes and to reintroduce the fish. This has been successful, evidenced by the young of the stocked fish. We now have bluegill and golden shiners reproducing in the lakes as a sustainable food source for the larger game fish. This was the first step before stocking the Crappie and the Bass which are also propagating. In fact, the Crappie is so prolific that as of this month we are lifting the ban on Crappie 8” and under only. Along with unlimited catfish you are encouraged to harvest the smaller crappie to keep our lake population in balance.

The Bass population is slowly growing but not large enough to harvest yet. Trout will not be added since they are not sustainable here. That being said, there is a beautiful lake with a catchable fish population to enjoy with your family as we move outside to enjoy our warmer weather.

The LQAC will have a booth at 4th of July where you can gain a better understanding of our lake health & challenges, current and future fishing, and answer any questions you may have. Please stop by and see what we’re up to.

If you have any questions, you can also email the Lake Quality Advisory Committee at