Lake Use Reminders from the BVSA

Our lakes, 4-Island and Cub Lake, are some of our most beautiful and popular amenities.  Our lakes & parks are intended for members and their guests only. The BVSA Rangers have and will continue to check those using the lakes for amenity cards and/or guest amenity cards.  Please be prepared to show your amenity card upon Ranger request.

Note that a gate pass through Gatehouse allows access through the gate and road use but does NOT give permission for guests to utilize the amenities, including our lakes, parks, and trails.

If you are an amenity card holder and will not be accompanying your guest(s) to an amenity, please make sure they have a valid Guest Amenity Use Pass.  Guest passes are required for anyone ages 18 and over. They may be picked up in person at the Whiting Center or the BVSA office.  Members may request up to 4 guest passes at a time for up to two weeks. Passes can also be requested online for pick up at the BVSA Office, Whiting Center, or Oak Tree Country Club. Please make your online request at least A FULL BUSINESS DAY prior to the pick up date through our website at and click on "Amenity Use Pass for Guests." Online requests are NOT processed on the weekends.

Only the following vessels are permitted on Four-Island Lake:

(1) Human and wind powered vessels

(2) Electric vessels

(3) Inflatables and Paddleboards

(b) The maximum length of a vessel on the lake is as follows:

(1) Human and wind powered vessels: 20 foot class vessels

(2) Electric vessels: 16 foot class vessels

(3) Inflatables and Paddleboards: 20 foot class vessels

Human, wind-powered, and electric vessels must have a valid Boat Permit.  These permits are available at the Whiting Center for $5 per year per boat. Inflatables & paddleboards do not require a boat permit.

If you have a guest aged 16 and over who would like to fish in Cub Lake or 4-Island lake, you must pick up a fishing permit at the Whiting Center prior to fishing. Cost is $10/day if they will be accompanied by a member; $15 if unaccompanied by a member.

If you have any questions about amenities cards or passes, feel free to contact the BVSA office at 661-821-5537 X222 or X211.  If you have questions regarding boat permits, lake reservations, or would like a Ranger dispatched please contact the Whiting Center at 661-821-6641.

Thank you for your compliance and enjoy our lakes this summer!

Photo Credit: George Stufflebeam