One of the express purposes and intentions of the C&R’s is to preserve the natural environment of Bear Valley Springs to the maximum extent reasonably practicable. Therefore, the intent of the Environmental Control Committee Rules on lighting is that exterior lighting would be as unobtrusive as possible, maintaining subtle, low level lighting that is in keeping with the semi-rural character of Bear Valley Springs. Exterior lighting is permitted to the extent required for safety, but glare or exposed filaments should be kept to a minimumto preserve the character and environment of the community.


Here are some of the ECC Rules related to lighting that you may not know:

•       Although we have all greatly enjoyed the many festive holiday lights displays, please remember that holiday lights and exterior holiday decorations must be removed within 4 weeks after the holiday date.

•       All exterior lighting except low wattage solar (¼ watt or less) must be extinguished by 10:30 PM with the exception of short periods to facilitate the arrival or departure of family or guests.

•       Security lights programmed to stay on continuously throughout the night are prohibited. Lighting controlled by motion detectors is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes per cycle.

•       Landscape/decorative lighting should be shielded in fixtures to minimize visibility from neighboring lots and the Common Areas. Low voltage is preferred, with a maximum of 15 watts, or 120 lumens, frosted, incandescent and spaced no less than 18 feet apart.

•       Whenever possible, reflectors should be utilized in lieu of light fixtures. Light output for driveway lights is limited to a single 25 watt bulb, or 120 lumens per fixture, spaced not less than 18 feet apart along the driveway. The height of lights along the driveway shall not exceed 4 feet. Lights marking the entrance from the street may not exceed 7 feet at the bulb.

•       Low wattage solar lights, no more than ¼ watt per fixture can be utilized as landscape/decorative or driveway lights. They shall be 120 lumens or less and spaced no less than 18 feet apart.


We hope that this review of our lighting rules will help you to evaluate the current lighting on your property and ensure you are in compliance. As a good neighbor, please look around and determine if there may be lights from your property that inadvertently shine into your neighbor’s windows.


In the past when the ECC has featured an article about lighting, the question invariably comes up – Why doesn’t the Association’s amenities and buildings follow the same rules on their buildings and parking lots?  As in many areas, the commercial nature of the amenities means that there are additional federal, state, andcounty laws and regulations including OSHA and building codes that must be followed for the safety of the general public as well as our employees that supersede the ECC Rules. However, our management and maintenance teams do their best to preserve the natural environment while still complying with regulations including the use of timers where practicable. Should you have any questions about lighting or any other ECC Rules, our staff is always willing to assist you at 661-821-5537 X222 or X211 or via email at