Mulligan Room Kitchen Expansion Update

In 2022, the Board approved a one-time special assessment of $19 per property for the purpose of expanding the Mulligan Room kitchen.  The Mulligan Room kitchen, originally designed to serve hot dogs and sandwiches to golfers, has become a full service restaurant open 7 days/week with full menus for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. The kitchen expansion would allow increased volume of food preparation and faster food service. Once approved, the proposal was to submit plans to Kern County Building Department for permits and order the new appliances & supplies in time for construction to start in February and be ready for our seasons of high customer volume in spring and summer.

As it stands, to date plans have not yet been approved by Kern County Building Department and the new appliances and supplies are currently back ordered which would mean that construction would not begin until we are already in the busiest seasons. The BVSA Board and Staff have made the decision that rather than ask residents and staff to navigate around a construction project in the months with traditionally the highest use of this amenity, we will postpone construction to January 2024. This will ensure ample time to make sure all permits and approvals required have been received and that all appliances and supplies will be in stock and ready so that the construction will be a minimal time frame and residents will be inconvenienced as little as possible.  

The Davis-Stirling Act permits homeowners associations up to two years to spend special assessment funds for a designated project.  A time frame of early 2024 to finalize construction will be within that required window.

We apologize that we will not be able to deliver on this project in the desired time frame, but look forward to the future expansion and what it will mean to increase the enjoyment of the most used amenity in Bear Valley Springs.