Mulligan Room Patio Expansion

The BVSA Board of Directors have approved the construction of a brand-new extended patio at the Mulligan Room! The Mulligan Room is the most used amenity in BVS and this project will extend the amount of outdoor seating significantly. Additionally, it will be semi-enclosed, have a full roof, and will feature a fireplace, heaters & cooling fans to expand the months we will all be able to enjoy outdoor dining. The architecture will include stacked stone and cedar with rod iron elements similar to what has been done in front of the Mulligan Room.

A temporary concrete pad is being poured in an area below the current patio.  This will be used as outdoor dining during the construction phase for the upper patio so that we will continue to be able to serve our outdoor dining customers. The goal is for our maintenance team to be extremely careful when deconstructing the current patio in order to restore those materials to the new secondary patio.  Once the new patio is complete, this secondary patio will be a great place for golfers to have a drink or gather after a round or to eventually offer events. Additionally, a pad and walkway are also being poured behind the lower patio that will serve as golf cart parking for up to 20 golf carts. This will minimize golf cart traffic in the area.  

Furthermore, an outdoor BBQ and kitchen area will be included in between these two patios. This will have multiple purposes – 1) to easily serve customers on thelower patio during this construction, 2) to prep food during future repairs/renovations to the Mulligan Room kitchen, and 3) decrease foot traffic inside the Mulligan Room for to go orders in the future.  

The Patio Renovation plans are at Kern County plan check as of this writing, but our amazing maintenance team is preparing and gearing up to be ready to go once the plans are signed off.  This project is being done “in house”, saving the membership money from the expense and time of scheduling outside contractors, and is being paid for out of reserve funds.  

The Mulligan Room currently generates $1.1 million in revenue annually. We are excited and hopeful that with these changes this amenity may become self-sustaining and potentially even offer a reverse subsidy & revenue stream to the membership. Thank you for your patience over the coming months during this project. We are excited for you to see and experience the new and improved outdoor dining at the Mulligan Room very soon!

Patio Plans
Patio Architecture Inspiration