New BVSA Amenity Card Roll Out

At the BVSA, Amenity Use Privilege Cards are a vital tool to ensure that our amenities are being utilized only by members and residents. For those who choose not to have an RFID tag on their car or who are in another vehicle, amenity cards also allow members and residents to pass through the gate.  

The BVSA has partnered with the CSD and Gatehouse software to update our cards that have been unchanged since 2006.  Each card has an RFID chip within them and works with a new black box in the VISITOR gate/lane to open the gate. In the near future, the BVSA also plans to have RFID readers at amenities and available to the BVSA Rangers to ensure that those members who pay for the assessments and their authorized guests are the only ones who are enjoying the privilege of using our many amenities. While photographs of amenity cards on a phone have been permissible at amenities in the past, once the roll out is complete a physical card must be with members whenever they are utilizing the amenities so that it can be scanned when requested.

The new cards will allow the BVSA to “turn off” access through the gate or use of the amenities when residents are no longer owners or no longer residing in BVS. Eventually, the colored logo stickers on windshields will be phased out and only those with a new amenities card or guest passes through Gatehouse will be able to access the Visitor side of the gate. The RFID stickers on your car(s) will not change or be affected.

We have been rolling out amenity cards by last name since October. At this time, ALL members who have not received cards are encouraged to come in.

Our staff is also happy to work with those for whom BVS is a second residence or who have scheduling difficulties during the week to issue new cards if the owner contacts us at 661-821-5537 X222 or X211 or by email at

 Be Prepared before your Visit - Forms

The Amenity Pass Request Forms are available below so that members may fill out forms prior to visiting the BVSA office.  These forms must be filled out and signed by the OWNER OF THE PROPERTY LISTED ON THE GRANT DEED (unless this form has previously been filled out and cards received by any resident on the property since May 2022 in which case a form is already on file - you will only have to bring #2 and #3 below).

->->->->Click here for Owner Application for Amenity Use Privilege Card<-<-<-<-
Click here for Renter/Tenant Application for Amenity Use Privilege Card
Click here for Renter/Tenant in Guesthouse or Accessory Dwelling Unit Application for Amenity Use Privilege Card

Please bring the following with you & your family members (ages 9 and older) when you come for your new amenity cards:

1) A completed amenity card request form signed by the owner of the property listed on the grant deed. (One form per property)

2)  Anyone over the age of 18 must show a driver’s license or other government issued documentation as proof of residency (see back of amenity card request form for acceptable documentation). Addresses on all drivers’ licenses or acceptable documentation must match the owner as listed on the grant deed/title in order to receive an amenities card.

3) Your current amenities card(s) to turn in.

 Once we have received the above, we will be able to take photo(s) of each person listed on the form and print out your new cards while you wait.

Who is eligible for an amenities/use privilege card?

As a reminder, amenity cards are eligible for a single-family unit “related by blood, marriage, or legal adoption, or a group of individuals living together as a single housekeeping unit on a permanent basis, and all having equal access to all areas of the lot or condominium.” (BVSA Rules Section 305.o) According to Article VII, Sec.2 of the Association Bylaws, if multiple people own a property, they have the right to designate the members of one single family residing together who may receive amenity cards. Government-issued proof of residency is required for anyone over 18 years old. We know that in the past, members may have requested amenity cards for extended family members or adult children that are not permanently residing together as one family unit with the owner. This negatively impacts Association resources, resulting in undue costs and liability for the Association. We ask that members request guest amenity passes, and pay the proper guest fees as needed for any family member not residing with the Owner on a permanent basis.  Guest passes can be requested online with 24 hours notice during the week on this site by clicking here. Please also remember that members are responsible for their own conduct as well as those of their families, tenants, and guests at any BVSA Amenity and observance of the governing documents.

Members who assign their rights to a tenant who is occupying the complete primary residence must surrender their amenity cards and fill out the Renter/Tenant form above.  If you are a renter/tenant, the owner or property manager will need to complete the renter/tenant form and we will need a copy of the most recent lease (renters/tenants who have previously paid the renter/tenant fee will not be charged a second time).

Members who have an ECC approved Accessory Dwelling Unit may assign up to two amenity cards per approved unit to tenants by filling out the form above and pay the annual fee (or pro-rated amount of the annual fee)of $360.00). This fee will be charged annually unless cards are returned and the BVSA is informed that the tenancy has ended.

If you have any questions or concerns about the amenity card roll out, feel free to contact the BVSA Office at 661-821-5537 X211 or X222 or email us at

We thank the community for your patience as these changes are made in our attempt to keep Bear Valley & its amenities secure and pleasurable for our members and residents.