“The only constant in life is change.” As digital technology has continued to change, our former logo just was not in a format that was easy to manipulate for our updated website, on social media, updating signage around the valley, etc. Attempts to continuously update the beloved bear were not successful.  With Bear Valley Springs’ recent 50th anniversary in view and wanting the logo reflect our unique community, the BVSA Board proposed a logo contest to our members rather than outsourcing this project in April.

The Board received many good submissions, but one stood out above the rest in its reflection of our community. Congratulations and thank you to fellow member and resident Nick Beske! We are excited that this logo will carry us into the beginning of the next 50 years of the Bear Valley Springs Association.  We will be changing over the logo on various items over time as they are ready to be replaced so as not to incur any additional cost to the membership.  While our logo may change, the BVSA’s commitment to bringing the membership a wide array of quality amenities and community recreation will stand the test of time.