Important Announcement From the Lake Quality Advisory Committee

As rain and snow flows through the valley and into the lakes,  the LQAC has been monitoring a worrying trend in phosphate levels.  Elevated phosphate levels result in algae blooms and the blue green algae that closed our lakes last summer. Currently drainage ditches are showing increased phosphate, the result of animal manure, fertilizer and Round-Up (weed-killer). We are very concerned about property owners using this in run-off areas and around the lake. Roundup or glyphosate-based herbicide products have been linked to Blue Green algae that create cyanotoxins.

The LQAC has researched an alternative for weed control and encourage you to use it in place of Round-up.

An environmentally friendly homemade solution using vinegar, salt and soap:
1 gallon regular household vinegar
1 cup table salt
1 Tbsp Dawn dish soap

This was tested last year through various parts of the valley and found to be effective.  The ingredients can be purchased locally and is best applied when it is sunny.


In addition, we are asking residents TO NOT apply any weed control in drainage ditches or common areas which occur around the entire Four Island Lake shoreline.  

Thank You from the LQAC