Bear Valley Springs Association

Administrative Services

If you have any questions about the services offered below, please give us a call at 661-821-5537 between 8:30am and 5:00pm

2022-2023 FY HOA Fees: $1776

  • Payments are due in July of each year. When paying with a check, please write your tract/lot on the memo line. No post-dated checks. No cash payments will be taken.
    Payments made by credit or debit card will include a 2.95% processing fee per payment.
    To pay online, click the link below and fill in the Management ID, Association ID, & Property/Account Number as listed in the blue box to the right.
  • Select a payment method. Payment plan payments must include applicable service charges, or be deemed a partial payment. If a payment plan has not been selected and the first installment is not received by July 31, 2022 payment plans will no longer be an option.
    Fill out Payment Information.
    Select box agreeing to pay amount listed. Click "Next."
    Review information and click on "Select Payment."
    A receipt should be emailed to you.
  • A 10% fee will apply to all late payments.
  • Please contact if you have any questions.
    Printable payment coupons can be found here.

    PLEASE NOTE: Payments received on delinquent assessments shall be applied to the Owner's account as follows: payment shall be applied to the principal owed first.  Payments on principal shall be applied to the Owner's account by the "balance forward payment" method, i.e., in reverse order so that the oldest arrearages of the principal are retired first.  Only after the principal owed is paid in full shall such payments be applied to interest, late charges, collection expenses, administration fees, attorneys' fees, or any other amount due to the Association which result in continued delinquencies.
  Management ID Number:
Association ID Number:
Property/Account Number:
Tract & Lot
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Recognized Clubs

The BVSA Board of Directors must approve any new BVS sanctioned club. A representative from the proposed club should submit an “Agenda Request Form” and the "Application for Recognized Club Status”, along with all of the required documentation to the Board Secretary for placement on the agenda.

The Regular Board meeting is held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM at the Oak Tree Country Club (unless announced otherwise). The two forms can be picked up at the Association office, or they can be downloaded from this website. The Board Secretary will need the request and documentation (noted below) no later than the one week prior to the Regular Board meeting date. Contact Anita Bauer, Board Secretary at or (661) 821-5537 ext.231 for additional clarification.

A representative from your organization should attend the meeting to present the club’s purpose and answer any questions the Board may have.

Advantages of being a Recognized Club

Able to reserve amenities for events
Able to hold fund-raisers & be exempt from "Commercial Use" status
Able to post club information in the E-Buzz newsletter

Requirements & Documentation

  • List of the club Officers & their titles
  • Member roster (15 member minimum required) - including member tract/lot numbers
  • Copy of the club's Bylaws
  • Proof of insurance - this only applies to a club that has physical activities or activities that may cause personal injury or property damage
  • Must be a tax-exempt organization
  • Group must consist solely of Association members and their families
  • Refer to BVSA Rules Article 18 for other pertinent information

Faxing & Copying

  • Faxing: $1.50 per page
  • Standard Copies: $0.25 per page for 8 x 11 pages
  • Oversize Copies (Blueprints): $10.00 per page or $50 for a blueprint package

    Notary Services available by contacting Anita Bauer for an appointment at (661) 821-5537 extension 231

Property Owner Information Change Request

Change of Address/Secondary Address

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Applicant Information

Primary Contact Information

Secondary Mailing Address

Notes or Comments:

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Membership Opt-out

The Association has available a membership list including the name, property address and mailing address through written request. Written request are submitted to the Association for proper purpose requirements.

A member of the association may opt-out of sharing his or her name, property address, and mailing address for these listings by notifying the Association in writing that he or she prefers to be contacted via a reasonably alternative method. This opt-out shall remain in effect until changed by the member

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Applicant Information

Property Address

Secondary Mailing Address

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Whistleblower Reporting Form

The purpose of this form is to provide a mechanism to encourage reporting of any action or suspected action taken within Bear Valley Spring Association that is illegal, fraudulent, and unethical or in violation of any adopted policy of the Association in a safe environment. Anyone reporting a violation must act in good faith, without malice to the Association or any individual, and have reasonable grounds for believing that a violation occurred.

Any report that the complainant has made maliciously or any report that the complainant has good reason to believe is false will be viewed as a serious disciplinary offense.


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Filer Information

You are not required to provide your name and may retain anonymity. If you choose to provide your name, it will remain confidential whenever possible.

Providing your name may facilitate the investigation of the misconduct. Anyone filing an anonymous report will not be updated as to the progress of the investigation, but do understand that investigations are taken seriously and will be addressed.

Making a complaint does not automatically shield you from consequences of your own involvement in unlawful or improper conduct. However, full and frank admissions may be considered in deciding disciplinary actions.

Name of Person Subject to this Complaint

If this person is not an employee of the Bear Valley Springs Association, please list his or her position or relationship to the Association. (e.g. Board Member, Volunteer)

Complaint Report

Please include as much detail as possible to enable a thorough investigation of the matter. Please go beyond the question prompts and the lines provided if necessary to adequately describe the matter.

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